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TAKUMI SPACE CREATION Inc. began its operation in October 2009. It is an engineering company which specializes in architectural drawings.

We produce all kinds of building drawings for construction. The work result which we provide is to fulfill the highest quality standards and deliver the best products to our clients world-wide. We have more competitive abilities with Japanese products and have earned good reputations in this field.

The drawing which is completed here is not just a simple drafting. In the project, they are using our integrated drawings as the final drawing for construction. We are involving and developing the drawings with many coordination until just before construction.

Therefore the site offices use our finished products as a guide in the actual construction process. Our drawings require coordination of architectural, structural and any related information with analysis and knowledge on modern construction techniques. What should be taken into consideration is tremendous amount of diversified information. We are seeking accuracy and perfection at any time. It is needless to say that solid knowledge on architecture and problem-solving skills, strong responsibility, high communication skill style are the key components of top-rank working drawings.

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Unit 30D Chatham House Bldg.,
116 Valero Cor. V.A. Rufino Sts.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City, Phils.

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